How to turn your app idea into a reality.

Firstly, congratulations on thinking of an app idea ! We hope it has every success.

It is so much fun to think of the possibilities your idea can bring, and we hope to help guide you over the next few posts on the first steps to take in turning your idea into a reality.


Begin by identifying and understanding your particular niche so you can DOMINATE it!!!

Focus on the following questions;

1. What will your app do?

2. What problem will it solve?

And lastly the BIG ONE!!

3. Who are your potential users/ target audience?

THIS IS THE GOLDEN TICKET, concentrate on this question and you will be able to define your idea and create a successful and lucrative app.

Look at your

- Age bracket

- Gender

- Location

- Career

- Interests

- Spending power

- Stage in their life (i.e college, new parents, career go-getters, retired)

Good luck and let us know how you get on :)


fasten your selt belts!

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