The latest tech trends and demands of 2021, so far..

With technology continually evolving, it’s little surprise to know that mobile apps need to jump on the bandwagon and keep up with the latest trends and demands of 2021. There are so many areas to consider these days; is the user on a flat or foldable unit, are they using 5G yet, are chatbots involved in the app… the list is seemingly endless!

Lets get into the nitty gritty of some of the 2021 trends, so far.

Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence in apps remains on trend this year.  Not only can it replace human assistants in chat boxes or with question and answer sections, but it can enhance the customer experience.  AI can also be implemented as a tool for facial, speech or image recognition, predictive text algorithms and more. Driven by AI, chatbots are also far more advanced than their predecessors.  

They are now so much more than clunky, pre programmed (& often frustrating) list of commands and answers, instead they learn and evolve with the customer to provide the best, and most personal answers or support.

Predictive Analytics:
The main reason for predictive analytics is to anticipate future customer purchases and then produce offers or similar products to entice the customer further.  By using AI to do this, it means that every user will have their own individual offers and product suggestions, and keeps the experience personal for everyone.

Wearable devices:
Devices such as trackers, smartwatches and fitness products like foot pods have become quite a staple product for many these days, and this area is continuing to grow each year. With companies realising how much data can be monitored or collected, new apps continue to appear for such a huge variety of tracking, including heart rate, blood pressure, steps walked and more.

Augmented Reality:
Its been used before on web based sites, such as glasses companies, where you can ‘try on’ your glasses before you buy them.  This technology is really carving its own path into mobile apps now, and has been very popular with mobile gaming and styling apps such as glasses and beauty products. This also ties in nicely with virtual reality.  

The benefits of virtual reality extend far beyond its use for gaming or concert experiences.  It can be used for virtual training, hypnotherapy to overcome fears and anxieties, visual learning and so much more.  By immersing the customer in the virtual world, the user will feel far more engaged than if they were just playing on a mobile or tablet.

It’s been predicted that in 2021 there will be approximately 3.5 times more 5G connections than in 2020, and that's set to massively increase again in 2022. 5G can be up to 100 times faster than 4G, and will boost network efficiency, enabling far smoother mobile app functionality.  It also makes a major difference to apps that include video streaming or virtual reality simulations, providing a smoother and more seamless app experience for the end user.

Bio-metric Authentication:
Bio-metric authentication has evolved so much further than just unlocking mobile phones. These days it’s used for so many types of apps, including banking and wallet payments. It’s a very convenient method for logging on to different apps, and with COVID restrictions still playing a big part in everyday life, safe banking and online organisational skills remain incredibly key to day to day life. Additional bio-metric authentication is already successful with face recognition, iris scanning and voice recognition.

Cloud-based apps:
There’s a continuing demand now for apps to be cloud-based.   By providing cloud-based apps, it enables the end user to keep valuable storage space free for other activity on their device, such as taking photos or videos.  It has also been known to improve the overall performance of apps for users, and means that these apps can be accessed from anywhere that has an internet connection. Technology is continuing to evolve at an incredibly rapid pace.  

All of us here at Rappid Design remain focused on staying up to date and in tune with the latest trends in app development, and strive to produce the best end product possible for our clients.

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