What is your why?

From the moment you realize your business idea, you already have basic answers about what you want to create, who will be involved and how you want it to function and look.

Finding the reason behind your idea, the 'Why' am I doing this, gives you the ability to connect with your business from a personal and real level. There are so many areas to consider before you start your journey!  

Would you prefer to be getting out and about making connections and spreading the word about your new start-up, like an entrepreneur, or do you feel a solopreneur approach suits your personality and work ethics?

Will you go all-in from the start, or is this something you want to create and pursue in your spare time?

There is no right or wrong, but by getting a clear understanding of the amount of time, work and sacrifice you are willing to give from the start, you are able to really commit in a realistic and focussed way.

So what is your WHY?

We recently asked one of our amazing clients, Kristy Dickinson of Chronically Simple this question, and this was her response:

My ‘why’ is to help ease even one moment of a patient or caregivers journey. When I got diagnosed I felt so overwhelmed and out of control. Chronically Simple would have been so helpful for me to keep everything together. So when days get tough or things get hard with work, I go back to my why - to help one person feel less out of control. To help one person feel empowered to take an active role in managing their health.

By having a clear 'WHY' statement, you are always able to define what your business is about and keep the passion and drive alive to get it there.  

Questions to ask yourself can include:

1. What do you want to create?

2. Why is it important to you?

3. What is unique about your business?

4. Why would people want to use it?

5. Why should your company exist?

There are so many areas of the business to consider as you go on your journey from ideation to creation. By knowing and believing in your , you are able to take those crucial first steps into making your dreams a reality.  

Talk to us today and let's get this plan into action.

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