what's the big idea?

A dedicated space for the diverse and dynamic community that exists on the flipside of the white coat. We are the wives, husbands and partners of physicians and surgeons. In some families, we are doctors too. We work tirelessly and quietly behind the scenes. We help to ensure the doctors we love are supported. We are the keepers of our families. We are the organizers and executers of details big and small. TFSL is a space dedicated to enhancing the lives of medical families...one meaningful connection at a time.

the design sprint

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Branding is far more than just a logo, color palette, and typeface. But for the purposes of building a Rappid prototype, these are all we need to get started. When the time comes to expand on this, our team are ready to do their thing!

rappid prototype

Using prototyping software such as Adobe XD, Sketch or Figma, we are able to design and build what is essentially a lean representation of the potential final product. This will include the design of several screens along with a well-structured user flow, all wrapped up in a clickable prototype for all to play with.


Whether targeting investors or leads, we’re here to help you promote your product. We’ll create a digital presentation and marketing website that will help you build an eager and devoted audience.

the build

This is where the magic happens. Every aspect of the build will be considered and recorded as a task, made available for our clients to view and keep up to date. Then our team of designers, developers and project managers will turn your idea into reality, ready to share with the world.

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